Maureen Hughes

The tentacles of organized crime isn't just for big cities and large orgainizations. It's much closer to home than that. Marajen Chinigo crafted her public image by associating with Howard Hughes, Frank Sinatra and Loretta Young. She built her professional life on her parent's hard work and good fortune. Her picture appeared on society magazine covers. She married a movie star and a mobster. Marajen did favors for most out of the goodness of her heart. For others she had an axe to grind.The Countess and The Mob is a true story of how anyone can get what they want...for a price. Being a newspaper heiress wasn't enough for the known philanthropist. She was a spoiled rich girl that craved love and attention and getting her way. And that meant dealing with the mob.But did she go too far when she asked Los Angeles mafia lord, Johnny Rosselli, to do a 'favor' for her? While trying to live on top Marajen Chinigo fell to the cellar of decency to preserve the cosmetic front she let the public see.